Structured Finance

Ladderup’s capital markets expertise and cross-border transaction experience helps our clients in unlocking value, leverage their assets and investments and thereby create the growth capital required for executing their business plans. Each structured finance solution modelled by us goes beyond the balance sheet and uses tangible value unlocking tools on the back of a thorough due diligence and cash flow channeling.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Domestic Financing viz Factoring, Bill discounting, Vendor bill discounting, Purcahse bill discounting, Promoter Funding, etc.
  • International Financing
  • Acquisition Financing (For in-organic growth or enhanced Shareholding Control)
  • Special Situation Financing (Advisory & Financial Support for turnarounds)
  • Mezzaniane Finance/Quasi Equity Structure to Address Funding Gaps
  • FCCB
  • Securitization