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Annual Secretarial Compliance Report 2022-2023Download

Initmation of Board Meeting-24-05-2023Download

Initmation of Board Meeting-13-02-2023Download

AGM Procedding 11-11-2022Download

AGM Procedding 27-09-2022Download

Video Transcript of AGM-2022 of Ladderup Finance LtdDownload

AGM Procedding 27-09-2022Download

Scrutinizer Report 2022Download

Notice of the Board Meeting 09-08-2022Download

Related Party TransactionsDownload

Annual Secretarial Compliance Report 2021-2022Download

Notice of the Board Meeting 26-05-2022Download

Intimation to members holding securities in Physical ModeDownload

Notice of the Board Meeting 31-12-2021Download

Intimation of Board MeetingDownload

Video Transcript of AGM-2021 of Ladderup Finance LtdDownload

Notice of the Board Meeting 12-08-2021Download

Notice of the Board Meeting 23-06-2021Download

Annual Compliance Report of Ladderup Finance LimitedDownload

Notice of the Board Meeting 10-02-2021Download

Annual Secretarial Compliance Report 2020-2021Download

Notice of the Board Meeting 11-11-2020Download

Notice of the Board Meeting 14-09-2020Download

Notice to Shareholders to update their DetailsDownload

Notice of the Board Meeting 18-07-2020Download

Notice of the Board Meeting 10-02-2020Download

Notice of the Board Meeting 13-12-2019Download

Scrutinizer Report 2019Download

Notice of Board Meeting 26-08-2019Download

Notice of Board Meeting 13-06-2019Download

Notice of Board Meeting 23-05-2019Download

Notice of Board Meeting 11-02-2019Download

Notice of Board Meeting 26-12-2018Download

Notice of Board Meeting 31-10-2018Download

Scrutinizer Report 2018Download

Notice of Board Meeting 13-08-2018Download

Notice of Board Meeting 28-05-2018Download

Scrutinizer Report 2017Download

Scrutinizer Report 2016Download

Scrutinizer Report 2015Download

Scrutinizer Report 2014Download

Annual General Meeting Proceeding Download

Annual General MeetingDownload

Notice of Extra Ordinary General MeetingDownload